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We offer improved waterproofing admixture range for our valued clients. Our range of waterproofing admixture such as concrete waterproofing admixture and plaster waterproofing admixture is of superior quality and highly durable. This waterproofing admixture is available along with customized solutions as per the specification & requirement of our clients. Our range is also preferred for its cost effective rate.

Concrete Water Proofing Admixture

Our concrete water proofing admixture is generally used for tanks, basements water retaining structures water proof. This reliable and long lasting range of our company is highly suitable for reservoirs and numerous concrete applications. This special concrete water proofing admixture avoids water leakage by improving concrete quality.

Plaster Waterproofing Admixture

High quality plaster water proofing admixture is provided by us for internal & external plastering. Our waterproofing compound is tested and found applicable for masonry mortars. The plaster water proofing admixture we offer keeps mortar workable for a long period of time. We avail this specific water proofing admixture range at the highly competitive rate.

Liquid Powder Waterproofing Plasticizing Admixture

Liquid & Powder Waterproofing Plasticizing Admixture The liquid & powder waterproofing plasticizing admixture we manufacture is used for mass concreting. Tanks, basements, foundations, terrace slabs, reservoirs and water retaining structures extensively use this specific range. This liquid & powder waterproofing plasticizing admixture work by blocking the concrete pores in continuous channel.

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